VAC2 Disabler v2.0
18.01.2011, 17:21
VAC2 Disabler v2.0
VAC2Disabler.dll = code by wav
VAC2Disabler.exe = code by zh4r0naX
Rename ".dll" and ".exe" to
your nickname.
Example (petab0t.dll / petab0t.exe)
This tool is to disable
Vac 2 so you can use your
cheats, detected or not, on
vac 2 servers without fear
of being banned, it does NOT
unban you from vac. This new
version has another vac 2
proofing method added, made
by P47R!CK.
P47R!CK, Organner, Tabris,
Tetsuo, UNI, Absolution,
dockman, siN & LeNa
gemini, ViscountPherget
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